Week Beginning 15 May 2017

So, whilst our SATs are over for year 6 children, our year 2 children now face this pleasure(?) We organise these in a different way, placing the year 2 in small groups and working through their formal papers with a teacher and teaching assistant. Whilst they don’t come to school for breakfast, they do get spoilt all the way through!

The exam season starts in earnest today and we think about older siblings, past pupils and indeed staff’s own children commencing the exam season and embarking on a challenging time in their lives. At times like these, it reminds us what Primary Education is all about, preparing us for the our later life. Teaching and learning requires application in every part of our lives.

We wish everyone well throughout the exam season.

Week Beginning 8 May 2017

This week sees the implementation of Year 6 statutory Assessments in school. It is a hard time for them and we are thankful that they are supported by their family, friends, peers in school, the staff and the extended community.

Whilst we realise that these important National assessments are used to measure the judgements of our school, we are proud to adhere firmly to our belief that there is more to making of a school than the SATs results. And importantly there is more to an individual than academic achievements and outcomes. We pride on ensuring that every day is a happy, learning day at Hartlip School. That learning will happen in lessons, on the playground, in relationships and in fun and enjoyment. Allowing each and every child to reach their full potential.

So a difficult week, but one that our children will be nurtured through. We will begin by having breakfast together. This often creates fun and laughter and a sense of us all being in the situation, allowing us to go in to a testing situation as relaxed as we can be.

Times like this, demonstrate our strong family ethos. Our attention diverts to our oldest children next week for our support and love. The rest of the school community meantime are in no way overlooked, but learn to realise that there is a time for everyone and take their place in supporting that.

Week beginning 24 April 2017

Well, as promised our eggs have arrived in school. We will now watch patiently and care for the chicks that will hopefully emerge. They will become our new school chickens and we are very excited! Watch this space in the days ahead!

Caring for our chicks will make us think about how to care for each other and the world around us. This week, our focus is on relationships. One of our School Christian Values is of course Friendship and we shall be thinking about how we should treat each other and live together happily in our school community. We shall be singing this week: You are my brother and Magic Penny. The words help us focus on our Friendships and relationships.


You are my brother,
You are my friend.
You are my sister, our love should never end.
Whatever colour our skin or our hair.
Let us live together.
This is our prayer.

Lift your banners high.
Work for justice and for peace.
Lift your banners high.
May our friendship never cease.
Lift your banners high.
We sing in ev’ry land.
Lift your banners high.
For in Jesus name we stand.

Love is something if you give it away,
Give it away, give it away.
Love is something if you give it away,
You end up having more.

It’s just like a magic penny,
Hold it tight and you won’t have any.
Lend it, spend it, and you’ll have so many
They’ll roll all over the floor.

For love is something if you give it away,
Give it away, give it away.
Love is something if you give it away,
You end up having more.

Week beginning 18 April 2017


We welcome everyone back to school for what will be a busy term 5! We thought about the meaning of Easter and recalled together the Easter Story. We asked ourselves: why Easter eggs then? We are in agreement that the eggs symbolise new life and new beginnings. We therefore thought about how we can start anew with our school Christian Values this term. How can we have a new beginning with our friendships. With forgiveness, trust, thankfulness and peace? How can we spring clean our lives?

To help us focus on exactly this, we will watch new eggs hatch and take care for the chicks that emerge. They will become our new school chickens and we are very excited! Watch this space in the weeks ahead!

Week beginning 20 March 2017


This week, we continue our focus on Lent. We will also be finding out about another Spring festival: Holi

Holi a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, also known as the “festival of colours” or the “festival of love” The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

As we think about love, we continue to fill our penny pots and prepare to celebrate our mums, or the special person in our lives who does so much for us. This week, we will all have the opportunity to visit the Mother’s Day market and select, buy and wrap a gift as a special surprise on Sunday morning. The children are also busy preparing for a Mother’s Day Worship when collectively as a class they will lead an Act of Praise and thanksgiving for their mums in church.

Friday is of course Comic Relief Day and as part of our Lent giving, we will be continuing to focus on those less fortunate than ourselves. Our children will be coming to school in circus attire, selling cakes at play time and trying to make us laugh!

We are also looking forward to wearing odd socks to school on Tuesday. This is to raise the awareness of Downs Syndrome. Again, this looks at how we are all different, yet all special.

How can we make a change this Lent?

Reverend Amanda talked to us about fairness for all…fairness for those who don’t have a voice and who can’t speak for themselves.

Week Beginning 13 March 2017



This week, we continue our focus on Lent. We continue to fill our penny pots and on Friday, Reverend Amanda challenged us to think about Fair Trade.

This week we celebrate British Science Week. Our focus is changes and we shall experience the awe and wonder on all that is changing around us. Spring in itself is a time of change, as is Lent: a time of reflection and change ourselves. Change ourselves from all that is preventing us to be more like Jesus.

Our week launches with The Wiggly Wild Show. We will meet lots of Wiggly friends and think about the changes they may go through in their wiggly world! Parents have been invited in to school to join their child in their science learning, finding out what is taught in the science curriculum and how this is delivered.

The sun is shining on a Monday morning! May we look with fresh eyes all that we see around us this Spring and like all the new growth and freshness be renewed ourselves.

The Seed
In the heart of a seed buried deep so deep
A dear little plant lay fast asleep.
“Wake,” said the sun, “and creep to the light.”
“Wake,” said the voice of the rain drops bright.
The little plant woke and rose to see
What a wonderful world outside might be.
It lifted its face up to the sky
And said, “What a happy little plant am I!”


Father, thank you for making the whole world come alive again after the long winter.

Thank you for the joy I felt today when I saw flowers about to open.

Each blue and white and yellow and red flower is a gift from you.

Thank you for showing your love through the beautiful things you have made.


How can we make a change this Lent?

Reverend Amanda talked to us about fairness for all…fairness for those who don’t have a voice and who can’t speak for themselves.


Week Beginning 6 March 2017


Just Say “No” to Temptation

This week, we continue our focus on Lent. We already have a filled penny pot! Children will be encouraged to put their penny prayers in jars too and we will take these to church where there will be one collective jar for our Lent prayers.

Our focus in Worship will be on temptation. What does temptation mean?

We will learn about two stories from the Bible:

  • Temptation in the Garden of Eden
  • Temptation in the Wilderness

We will think about what we should do when we are tempted to do wrong and think about how this relates to our school Christian Values. How can we give up the things that don’t make us like Jesus in our Christian School Value of: Friendship, Peace, Trust, Peace, Forgiveness and Thankfulness? Tough challenges!

We shall remember the story that we learnt relating to our School Christian Value of Trust. Peter had to trust Jesus when he walked on water. All the while he trusted he walked with ease. When Peter started to think about the difficulty of what he was doing and the impossibility of it… he started to sink.

May we trust God this Lent to help us always overcome temptation.


Dear God,

Thank you that during Lent we can think more about you and focus on you.

We pray that you will help us with the positive things we choose to do this Lent.

We pray also for all those in the world who have no power, no money, no food or have lost their way in life.


Miss McCabe trusts
Reverend Julian
and walks on water!

Father, we want to be like Jesus.

 Help us to say, “No”

when we are tempted to do wrong.


Week Beginning 27th February

Lent Begins

This week, Lent begins.

We will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday by launching our Lenten Fundraising appeal. We will support the work of Lesley Ambrose who works with children in Africa. At Harvest, we raised £375.82 which went to make a real difference to the children attending the church, though the feeding project and the children’s club.

We look forward to hosting a Pancake Café to welcome our parents…pancake for £1. The children will also have this opportunity at playtime when Worship Council will sell the pancakes for £1 to everyone allowing them to select fillings and toppings.

We will also launch our penny appeal. The children will be encouraged to collect pennies and persuade friends and family to contribute. These will be brought to Church Worship on the last day of term.

This helps us to reflect and focus on our school value of thankfulness


Dear God,

Thank you that during Lent we can think more about you and focus on you.

We pray that you will help us with the positive things we choose to do this Lent.

We pray also for all those in the world who have no power, no money, no food or have lost their way in life.


The Christmas Party

Enjoying a good meal

Week Beginning 6 February

This week, we are reflecting on our School Christian Value of Thankfulness. Reverend Julian told us about the Parable of The Ten Lepers in church on Friday.

One day, Jesus was walking through a small village when he saw a group of ten lepers. They stood far away from Jesus and called to him, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us.” Obviously, they knew who Jesus was and that he had the power to heal them. When Jesus heard them, he called back to the lepers and said, “Go, show yourself to the priest.”

As the lepers went on their way to see the priest, they looked at their skin and the sores were gone. Jesus had healed their disease. They were so happy that they ran up and down the streets singing and dancing. Suddenly, one of them stopped and went back. Praising God with a loud voice, he threw himself at Jesus’ feet and said, “Thank You.” Jesus said to him, “Weren’t there ten who were healed? Where are the other nine?” Only one out of ten remembered to say, “Thank You.”

God does so much for us! Every day he provides everything we need: food, clothing, and a place to live. Do we ever forget to say, “Thank You?” Let’s stop right now and say “Thank You” and ask God to help us remember to thank Him every day.

We relate our Christian School Value of Thankfulness to this Bible Story.

This week, each class will visit the forest. We will have the opportunity to enjoy all that is around us and be thankful.


Week Beginning 30 January

This week, we are reflecting on our School Christian Values of Forgiveness and Peace and recalling the two Bible stories related to these Christian School Values. We remember the story of the Unforgiving Servant and Jesus calming the storm. In our busy lives, it can feel that we are in the midst of a storm. We can be afraid. Jesus reminds us that He can calm the storm.

We relate these themes to ‘Going for Goals’ and this week remember in particular: Chinese New Year. The time for a fresh start and to push on to our goals. Mrs White has taught us a new song all about trying our best. That’s what we will do this week. Try our best, calm our storms and forgive each other as we want to be forgiven ourselves.


Try your best, work your hardest, the prize is there for you,

So try your best, work your hardest, you’ll be a winner too.

Try your best, work your hardest, make your dreams come true.

Your best’s the only best that you can do.



When you’re in a spin, think you’re struggling, nothing’s going your way,

Just remember that life needs working at, and you’ll get there one day.

Run your fastest, jump up high, reach up to the sky.

Week Beginning 23 January

This week, we are reflecting on our School Christian Value of Forgiveness and trying to remember the story Reverend Mark told us about the Unforgiving Servant. Do we forgive others in the same way that we expect to be forgiven? That’s a challenge!

Our minds will be focusing on Holocaust Memorial Day. We will learn all about the Holocaust and how our Christian School Value of peace is relevant in our school community and world. I wonder what Bible Story will relate to this Value?

Holocaust memorial dayholocaust

Friday, 27 January, 2017

How can life go on? The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2017.

How do people react in the immediate aftermath of unimaginable suffering? How can life be rebuilt after such trauma? Is justice after genocide possible? What role do we in the UK have?


I Believe

I believe in the sun
though it is late in rising.
I believe in love,
though it is absent
I believe in God
though he is silent…

Translated from the French by Hilda Schiff. Text from an unsigned inscription found on the wall of a cave in Cologne where Jews had been hiding



Week Beginning 16 January

This week, we will incorporate in to Worship World Faith Day. World Religion Day was begun by members of the Baha’i faith to celebrate the common beliefs shared by all World Religions. We will think about how religions should be a unifying force, not a cause of division.


To promote inter-faith understanding and harmony.

To unite everyone, whatever their faith.

What similarities can you think of that religions might share?


We are challenged to think about the similarities different religions share


“O Thou kind Lord! Unite all. Let the religions agree and make the nations one,
so that they may see each other as one family and the whole earth as one home.”


Week Beginning 9 January 2017

This week, as we begin our first full week back in school, we are thinking about ‘Going for Goals!’ We will also look at Christian symbols that will help us to focus and reflect on different themes and meanings.

Robert the Bruce was a king of Scotland in medieval times (he was king from 1306 to 1329). During his reign, Scotland and England were at war. Scotland was defeated by the English five times (the number of defeats varies in different versions of the legend).

After his last defeat, Robert the Bruce fled from Scotland and took refuge in a wretched hut on an island off the north coast of Ireland. Here he stayed during one long, cold winter. He was all alone.

It is said that one day, when he was feeling very downhearted, he saw a spider trying to spin a web between two wooden beams in his hut. The little creature tried to throw a thread from one beam to another, but failed. Not discouraged, it tried again and again and again and again, but without success.

‘Five times has the spider failed,’ said Bruce. ‘That is just the number of times the English have defeated me. If the spider has courage to try again, I also will try to free Scotland!’

 He watched the spider. It rested for a while as if to gain strength, and then threw its slender thread towards the beam. This time it succeeded.

‘I thank God!’ exclaimed Bruce. ‘The spider has taught me a lesson. No more will I be discouraged.’

Let us be like that spider this year in all that we do and attempt.

Dear God,
help me not to become impatient and quit prematurely.
Help me to be persistent
so that I can achieve my goals.