Our curriculum is currently being designed to reflect the New Ofsted Framework.

It is based on our overall statement of: 

Learning to live, living to learn.

We believe that:

  • we have a responsibility to prepare children for the next steps in their life.
  • it is our responsibility to teach children the skills that they require for the big wide world and that they can take their place within it as responsible citizens. 
  • We promote growth mindset 
  • We model appropriate learning behaviours to our children. 

Through the above methodology, children: learn to live

In the excitement of that learning, they: live to learn

The impact of our curriculum is then reflected in our attendance and results, with every child reaching their full potential. 

In KS1 and 2 at Hartlip, we follow the National Curriculum for most subjects:

< National Curriculum click here >

We have a Curriculum Map for our Science and foundation subjects:

<Curriculum Map click here>

For RE, we follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus and the Understanding Christianity programme:

<RE Map click here>

In the Early Years, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Programme:

<EYFS Framework click here>

In Key Stage 1 and the Early Years, we follow the Letters and Sounds programme for Phonics.

<Letters and Sounds click here>

Our curriculum is divided in to five different areas

We call each area a hub

There is a designated teacher responsible for each hub. 

All staff are assigned to hubs to ensure that the workload is shared and the very best learning is delivered for our children. 

Each day is dedicated to an area of learning as well as ensuring that maths and english are covered daily as core subjects. This ensures appropriate coverage. 

On Active Days, children wear their PE uniforms to school. All learning that day is Active and we ensure no time is lost changing in and out of kit. 

Teachers plan the curriculum with Super Starts and Fantastic Finishes. Parents are advised of the teaching and learning termly. They are often invited in to school to share the learning. 

Teachers are expected to plan a visit out or a visitor in every term to keep learning exciting, meaningful and purposeful. 

Forest School is visited termly by every class for a full day. 

Growth Mindset is followed and celebrated