Committee Structure

Curriculum/Improvement Committee
Mrs Fordyce (Chair)
Mrs Brazier
Mrs Hadley
Mrs Jabbour
Mrs Jerome
Miss McCabe
Mrs Weller

Finance and Resources Committee
Rev. Staniforth (Chair)
Mr Crawford
Mrs Fisher
Mrs Jerome
Mr Taylor
Mrs Warncken (in attendance only)

Admissions Committee
Rev. Staniforth (Chair)
Mrs Fowler
Mrs Jerome

Rev. Staniforth, as FGB Acting Chair, is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Governors have individual responsibilities as follows:
Literacy: To be filled
Numeracy: Mrs Jabbour and Mrs Weller
Science: Mrs Fordyce
PE: Mrs Fisher
RE and SMSC: Rev. Staniforth
Early Years: Mrs Brazier
SEN: Mrs Fowler and Mrs Hadley
Training and Development: Mr Taylor
Safeguarding: Mrs Weller and Mrs Brazier
Gateway Alliance: Mr Morgan