14 October 2016

Robins: Have been learning about different fruits and reading the story ‘Kitchen Disco’.  They also had a special visit from Malachy’s grandparents who came to show their record player and vinyl records.  In this real-life lesson, Robins were able to understand about different ways of listening to music.

Blackbirds: Carried out another test this week to see which material was waterproof.  We had lots of fun using syringes to soak increasing amounts of water onto different materials.  We recorded the results on a bar graph.  We also watched a video about Tim Peake’s space suit and how it was made.

Peacocks: Will be able to link their Science learning about Light and Shadows with their creative lessons next week.

Eagles: Wrote about the experiment they tried in Outdoor Learning and looked at why the sugar dissolved quicker.  We acted out a scene where the sugar (children) got mixed up with ‘water’ and how quickly the molecules moved around.

7 October 2016

Robins: Have spent the last few weeks learning about the environment around them. They have been exploring different types of vegetables and have begun learning what animals need; food, water, a warm safe habitat and how we need to wash our hands after stroking them!

Blackbirds: Watched a video of Tim Peake drinking water, search online or use the link … We then tried to work out which paper towel was the best to soak up any water Tim spilled by dropping water on the table and covering it with a paper towel. We used the new words ‘absorb’ and ‘disintegrate’.

Peacocks: Will continue their Science lessons next week.

Eagles: Explored what would happen to warm and cold water when it was insulated. The corrugated cardboard proved to be the most successful in keeping the hot water warm, while the readings for the icy water dropped dramatically once the thermometer had been in the water for longer. We talked about the meaning of the words ‘conductor’ and ‘insulator’.

30 September 2016

Blackbirds: Had lots of fun this week melting chocolate!  We looked at the effect of heating and cooling on butter, a candle, ice poles, Frubes and of course chocolate!  Blackbirds drew a picture and wrote a caption about how they changed.

Peacocks: The Peacocks have been continuing their investigations into how to change the size of shadows. We used torches and made screens to explore what happened to the shadow of our puppets when we moved the light source further away from the object. We discussed fair testing; we kept our puppet the same distance away from the screen and our variable, which was the distance of the light source from the puppet. We all understand this much better now!

Eagles: Carried out a simple test to compare which material kept their water the warmest for the longest.  We had some interesting designs to try to cover the whole of the cup!  Eagles analysed the results in class.

23 September 2016

Blackbirds: Played a game of ‘I spy with my little eye, something smooth…shiny…bendy’. Why not try this at home? They also made up their own key to sort objects by their material or property. Blackbirds were very good at asking questions and sorting by Yes / No answers.

Peacocks: Continued their learning about Light and Shadows by making shadow puppets. They explored how the size of shadows can change. Peacocks discovered that the closer the puppet is to the light source, the bigger the shadow. It was lots of fun!

Eagles: Carried out a comparative test to find out which cup kept the water warmer for longer. They recorded the results over a period of time. The results were very even and all but 1 result changed by -12°ͨ. We introduced the terms ‘thermal insulator’ and ‘thermal conductor’ and talked about what they mean.

16 September 2016

Blackbirds: Have started their learning about Materials by sorting different objects into what they are made of.  We identified wood, metal, fabric, plastic and foam!  We also played Kim’s Game to work out what other objects were made out of.

Peacocks: Are learning about Light and Shadows and how light can travel through different materials yet shadows are formed by the absence of light.  They have learnt the new words opaque, translucent and transparent.  Can they tell you what they all mean?

Eagles: Will begin their Science topic through Outdoor Learning next week.