Hartlip Endowed: A Church of England School

We are an Outstanding Church of England School!

All Church of England schools are inspected regularly under the Statutory Inspections of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) . Our last inspection was in March 2017, where we were graded outstanding: “The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Hartlip Endowed Primary School as a Church of England school are outstanding.” For the full SIAMS inspection report, please <click here>

The areas assessed and judgements were:

  • The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school as a church school is outstanding
  • The school, through its distinctive Christian character, is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners
  • The impact of collective worship on the school community is outstanding
  • The effectiveness of the religious education is good

Our strengths in the last inspection were:

  • The excellent Christian leadership of the headteacher and deputy headteacher, ably supported by governors and dedicated staff, directs and inspires all aspects of school improvement. The meaningful links between the school and the church make a significant contribution to the school’s spiritual life.
  • Pupils’ very positive attitudes to learning are founded on their understanding and use of the school’s core Christian values of forgiveness, trust, peace, friendship and thankfulness.
  • Pupils are well known and cared for as ‘unique, children of God’, and as a consequence are treated respectfully and as individuals.
  • The worship programme is varied and clearly focuses on exploring key areas of Christian belief and practice and provides relevant experiences, closely linked to their impact on life and living in today’s world.

What being a Church School means to us

We are a Church of England Primary School which is led and managed using our overarching Christian School Values which are lived out in the way that we learn and behave towards one another; we have strong links to the Church and are held accountable to the Church of England for the effect that our Christian ethos and Christian School Values have on the children who attend our school. Our distinctively Christian School Values are Forgiveness, Friendship, Trust, Peace and Thankfulness. Our School Values link to Bible stories and school life.

Part of being a church school is developed through school governance, where we have two Foundation Governors.  The elements of Christianity underpin all we do for everyone connected to the school: parents, staff, governors, not just the children.

In addition, we have strong links with St. Michael’s and all Angels Church, which is next door to our School in Hartlip Village. We attend Church every Friday morning as a whole school community, as well as at other key times during the Christian year. Our Collective Worship also develops our values and ethos as do all our policies and practices. <Click here> to view our past Collective Worships.

Collective Worship in school is led by different members of the teaching staff, which gives the children variety and different view points. A member of the clergy also leads collective worship at Church, alongside members of the Worship Council, on a weekly basis.

We have a focussed and hardworking Worship Council who meet every week with the SLT. The Worship Council support the SLT by observing and monitoring Worship, leading Worship and organising charity work and events.


Our Christian School Values

Our first school value is Friendship.  (<Click here> to read our Friendship Bible story).

“Friendship is an undisputed value in our society, with children often spending more time with their friends than with family. It is a key concept in the Christian framework, with Jesus being criticised for being ‘the friend of sinners’ and eating with those whom society rejected.”

Our second school value is Trust (<Click here> to read our Trust Bible story)

 ‘Trust is essential to human life and lies at the heart of all relationships. Trust entails vulnerability, putting yourself in others’ hands. We have to trust experts – pilots, dentists, surgeons. Trust is central to civilised society, to living together in harmony, so it is to be valued and honoured.’

Our third school value is Forgiveness (<Click here> to read our Forgiveness Bible story)

Jesus was uncompromising in his command to forgive. Forgive, he said, ‘seventy times seven’ (Matthew 18:21). In other words, forgive and keep on forgiving without limit. Forgiveness was at the heart of everything he did and is at the heart of the Lord’s Prayer. When Jesus declared a person’s sins to be forgiven, it often aroused the anger of those who were less willing to forgive than he was and yet a prayer for the forgiveness of his persecutors was on Jesus’ lips as he died. Christian preaching has always put forgiveness at the centre.

Our forth school value is Peace (<Click here> to read our Peace Bible story)

Peace: The Hebrew term for peace, ‘shalom’, has a deep and complex meaning, encompassing much more than simply the absence of hostility or war.  Shalom includes ideas of healing and health, wholeness and well-being. It means harmony, stability and security within a community. It refers to relationships based on truth and righteousness, where people flourish because they are nurtured.

Our final school value is Thankfulness (<Click here> to read our Thankfulness Bible story)

Thankfulness: ‘Songs of thankfulness and praise…’ are at the heart of Christian worship. Thankfulness is directed towards God who gives and sustains life. Seeing the world as God’s creation underpins the way we approach everything in life, seeing it as a gift and not as a right.